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Inspiring action for future generations through positive narratives.

Our Philosophy of Change

We employ a positive, solution-focused orientation to a difficult problem.


Coming together and building connection is the key to navigating a changing world with resilience, hope and realistic optimism. 


We do this by supporting work with all ages in moving positive narratives about the future into the forefront of our learning, living and working.  We transform perspectives about climate into a hopeful framework which inevitably leads to motivated actions - whether in an education, community, or corporate environment. 


A well-researched appreciative inquiry methodology, this approach will infuse your work with a renewed sense of inspiration.

We are  grateful to the people who are today called K’omox, consisting of several formerly separated tribes that include the Pentlatch, Ieeksan (eye-ick-sun), Sasitla (sa-seet-la), Xa’xe (ha-hey) and Sathloot (sath-loot) people.  This gratitude is for the stewarding of this land, to which we are visitors,  since time immemorial.  It is a privilege to work, live, play, and learn in this traditional territory.

We encourage you to explore the history of the land on which you live at

"Students and teachers are hungry for information that can help them make sense of the current environmental crisis. It is well researched that hope, optimism and action can support us in addressing the changes that we face.

With regards to watersheds, the means connecting learners to place and helping them understand what kind of difference they can personally make to help protect this precious resource."
- Christina (Tina) Willard-Stepan

Pollinate Services

Presentations and Keynotes

'Let's Talk Climate' presentations are customized to support leadership of all ages, to face head-on with resilience their work in a changing world.  Your group will feel inspired to action.


We can help you create resources for your organization or community around climate change and resilience through curriculum-writing, school presentations and school community mentorship. Click here to view samples of this work.


From strategic planning to community re-imagining workshops, your team will be supported in forward momentum in meeting your organizational goals with a resilience lens.

"“Deciding to act may take a while; Much longer than the action itself.”

- Danielle Wengraf
We are so grateful that you made the time to come and share your energy, stories, knowledge and ideas with us.  It is always inspiring to be in your presence.  You are both doing such important work.  We look forward to continuing to collaborate and learn both from you and alongside you.

Cumberland Lake Park Society Team

Faces behind Pollinate

Pollination is the act of transferring one element of a living thing to another in order to propagate.  We do this with climate action inspiration and ideas by working  with an incredible team of community leaders, mentors, scientists, educators, facilitators, artists, songwriters, children and elders.

Sharing and amplifying ideas as pollinators do with pollen, we move inspiration forward quickly and support humans from different sectors to work together on the big problems we are facing today.


We will bring a team together to best meet the needs of your session or project.


Get Inspired

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